wine-rainbowIn the last few weeks we have seen civil rights for LGBT people front and center in the public debate. Bills in Arkansas and Indiana have been passed that pose as freedom bills, but in reality are designed and intended to codify discrimination. At least in Indiana, the people of the state have demanded these laws be “fixed” to make it clear that discrimination will not be tolerated. Arkansas is not far behind. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for North Dakota.

Yesterday, the North Dakota legislature had an opportunity (for the third time) to make a clear statement that this state is open for business and welcoming for all. The anti-discrimmition bill, SB 2279, that would have added sexual orientation to the state’s existing laws was voted down by a 2-to-1 margin.

While many have expressed justified disgust, disappointment and embarrassment in “North Dakota”, we know that this wonderful state is more than its legislators. The people and the small businesses in this state care and it is clear that North Dakotans do not agree with this stance.

At 4e Winery we will serve all people and welcome all people with open arms. Not straight people, not gay people, not people with green hair – – – all people. Our family and our friends who happen to be LGBT are people. And they are welcome. We don’t care WHO people love, we care THAT they love. This winery has no tolerance for hate.