4e-deck-snowWelcome to November and what is starting to be a blustery winter. A lot has happened since our September update and this week brought wonderful news.

We received both our Federal and State winery licenses this week.

That means we can finally start making wine. Without these in place we would not be able to sell any wine we made. So, we are working hard to get the winery up and running and some things fermenting. I will be updating you as we start ramping up our production. We anticipate we should be ready to release our first wines for the public in 6-8 months.

Folks have been asking what kind of wines we will have to offer. Well, to be quite honest, it is late in the season and well past the harvest in North Dakota. Sourcing wine grapes at this late stage is nearly impossible. We at 4e Winery are planning to offer a line of food friendly and delicious grape wines as well as our prairie elements line of fruit and honey wines. Fortunately we have been putting some fruit away in the freezer for future fermentation. We have already crushed and destemmed Marquette grapes frozen and waiting, so we should be able to offer a local grape wine late in 2015. In addition we have sourced some aronia berries and plan to get those fermenting as soon as possible. We also have a freezer full of rhubarb to make two styles of wine – a sweeter blush rhubarb and a drier rhubarb wine. Also sitting in the winery waiting to be made into delectable beverages is a 450 pound drum of fresh Oregon blueberry purée. Just wait until you see what we have planned for that! And finally, we are looking for local ND honey to begin making some traditional and not-s0-traditional meads. So, if everything goes well, we should have several options for you tasting enjoyment next summer.

In addition to the wine making operation, we have made progress on our property. We have nearly completed a >1000 sq. ft. deck which will be a wonderful gathering place for friends to enjoy wine. Our tasting rooms inside have all been primped and painted and we are starting to get them decorated. We just can’t wait to share this wonderful place with all of you. Keep watching here, follow us on twitter, Google+ and Facebook, and we’ll let you know when we are ready to invite you in for a glass or two.