briannaBrianna is cold hardy hybrid grape that was bred by Elmer Swenson in 1983. Originally released as a table grape, it was introduced as a wine grape in 2001 and since then has been spreading across upper midwest vineyards. For the geeks out there who follow this stuff, it is a cross between the grape ‘Kay Gray’ and ES 2-12-13.

Brianna has a very distinctive and characteristic tropical pineapple flavor which makes for really delightful refreshing white wines. It is most often made on the sweet side to bring out those exotic fruit flavors.

This year at 4 Elements Winery we planted 75 Brianna vines. It will take a few years before they start producing. However, I have just received a 5 gallon sample of Brianna juice grown at NDSU’s test vineyards and it is happily fermenting away as we speak. Here are the details:

Brianna grown in Absaraka, ND

Brix 18.6 (sugar added to bring the brix to 20)
pH 3.1
TA 7.5 g/L