This weekend we were fortunate enough to host Johnny and Tracy, aka RV SWAT, at the winery as part of the Harvest Hosts program, and they left behind a video of the highlights of their visit during grape harvest and crush.

For those of you who are not familiar with Harvest Hosts, it is a network of wineries, farms and attractions that invite self-contained RVers to visit and stay overnight.  This is our third summer welcoming RVers to the winery, and we have met some awesome folks and have stayed in touch with several of them after their stay.

Tracy and Johnny were Harvest Host guests number 25 for 2018.  They are in their first year of living full time in their RV, and stayed with us two nights on their way from Rapid City to East Grand Forks.  Part of their story has much in common with other full time RVers that we have hosted.  Fed up with the stress and sucking of their souls, day after day, they left their jobs in the corporate world, rid themselves of most of what they owned, and they and their two pups embarked on their new adventure.

What is unique about Tracy and Johnny’s story is that they are working their way around the US – literally.  Through contacts they have made, and websites catering to individuals, couples, or even families who want to travel while continuing to work on a part-time, full-time, or seasonal basis, such as, they are able to work when they want, travel when they want, and enjoy a flexible lifestyle that most of us can only dream of.  They just spent four months in South Dakota, managing the restaurant at Hart Ranch Resort and stayed with us for a few days on their way to East Grand Forks to work on the sugar beet harvest.  Sometime next month they will travel to the Northwest to visit with family before making their way down to southern California to manage a Christmas tree lot for a month.  Next up will be a month or so in Texas with friends, and then on to a stint as gate guards for an oil field company, all while living in their RV, seeing the country, and making new friends along the way.

I have to admit that I’m just a tad bit envious of Tracy and Johny and their adventures.  Heck – if we didn’t already have our awesome “job” of a winery, I might be very tempted to join them.  And who knows – maybe someday we will.  Traveling Vineyard anyone?

If the RV life sounds good to you, or you would just love to live vicariously through Tracy and Johnny, they are on Facebook as RV SWAT, (RV Seasonal Work and Travel), and you can subscribe to their YouTube channel for video updates as well.

We will leave you with the video that Tracy and Johnny put together of the time they spent at the winery, hanging out, helping pick and crush the grapes, and learning more than they ever needed to know about the winemaking process.  We would like to thank them for this video, which, in addition to providing y’all (that’s a nod to Tracy and Johnny’s southern roots) a peek into our world, gave Greg and I a chance to take a minute away from the day-to-day churn of getting ‘er done and humbly appreciate what it takes to bring the very best wine and winery experience that we can to you, our amazing friends and guests.

Until next time – Cheers!