Well, a week or so of nice weather has encouraged spring to spring. And that means it’s time to prune the vines. After a long drawn-out cold winter, I was concerned about the status of my now 1 year old vines. We had some snow, as you can see below, but it wasn’t very deep. Frost in this area was down to 8 feet or more under the ground in spots. Needless to say I was worried about the vines dying all the way to the ground.

IMG_1737 IMG_1736

All of the snow is now gone and underneath all this brown are grasses and weeds just ready to burst forth.

IMG_2101 IMG_2098

Even the buds on the tiny apple trees are starting to swell.


But this is supposed to be about the vines. As I said, I was worried because the few I had been checking over the winter looked to be brown throughout the cane which means it had no life out at the tips. In the first year I let the vines grow as much as they want without pruning in order to establish a solid root system. Since I did not train these up straight last year, the canes from last year were not really that straight. The plan this year is to prune all the vines down close to the ground and grow a few canes trained up and select the best ones for establishing the trunks of the vines. I was so very pleasantly surprised to find nearly all the vines were alive and vibrant green. This is a great sign saying the vines are healthy and should push lots of growth this year. Now, come on sunshine!