Progress! This winter I have been busy getting the inside of the winery cleaned up, painted and ready for eventual visitors. After painting the tasting room last month I realized the black gothic alter stuck out like a sore thumb. Well, if it’s going to stick out, it should stick out in style! So I painted it a warm red color. I think it works well with the yellow walls and follows in the footsteps of the colors of our logo.

Here are a few  more photos:


IMG_7504 IMG_7507   IMG_2121

Since the tasting room is pretty much ready to be furnished and decorated, my next task was to tackle the ugly kitchen. Since our guests will have to walk through the kitchen to reach the restroom this also has to be a showpiece for the winery. Previously it was painted an awful gaudy red color. It was dark and uninviting and the color clashed with the yellow of the adjacent tasting room.

IMG_7427So, I chose a color to that was still dark enough to make the white really pop out and pleasant enough to give a nice clean inviting feel to the kitchen. It also aligns better with the tasting room.

IMG_7498  IMG_7495 IMG_7493 IMG_7489