Saturday, May 25, 2013 marks a milestone in the history of 4e Winery. Twenty five friends arrived at 9:00 am to plant our first 325 vines and establish our eastern vineyard. Despite a bit of wind it was a perfect day for planting and the vines went in quickly. In all we planted 100 vines of Petite Pearl and 75 vines each of Marquette, Frontenac Blanc and Brianna.

It was a long time planning for our planting day and vines had to be sourced and ordered last December. We purchased bare root vines from Bevens Creek Vineyards in Minnesota and Northeastern Vine Supply in Vermont. As you can see below, the vines were healthy with a fantastic root system to get them going.

IMG_2731 IMG_2727

IMG_2729 IMG_2728


A day before planting we had to map out the vineyard and place a flag at every spot a new vine would be planted.

IMG_8422 IMG_8434

We had markers for volunteers to name a vine for the future. Enjoy these photos from our planting day and party.

IMG_2744 IMG_2743 IMG_2742 IMG_2741 IMG_2739 IMG_2737 IMG_8469 IMG_8467 IMG_8464 IMG_8465 IMG_8466 IMG_8463 IMG_8462 IMG_8461 IMG_8460 IMG_8458 IMG_8457 IMG_8455 IMG_8453 IMG_8452 IMG_8451 IMG_8450 IMG_8449 IMG_8448 IMG_8447 IMG_8446 IMG_8445 IMG_8444 IMG_8443 IMG_2791 IMG_2790 IMG_2789 IMG_2788 IMG_2786 IMG_2767 IMG_2766 IMG_2763 IMG_2755 IMG_2753 IMG_2746 IMG_2745